Course On Computer Concepts

IT Literacy Program-C.C.C.


3 Months or 80 Hours – (Theory: 32 hrs + Practical: 48 hrs )
This course can also be offered as 10 days full time intensive course.


No minimum qualification is required for applying and appearing for the examination in Course on Computer Concepts [CCC].

Job Role :
Computer Operator, Data Entry Operator and Social Media Operator


Chapter-1      Introduction  to Computer

Chapter-2      Introduction to Operating System

Chapter-3      Word Processing (MS Word)

Chapter-4      Spreed Sheet (MS Excel)

Chapter-5       Presentation (MS PowerPoint)

Chapter-6       Introduction on to Internet & WWW

Chapter-7        E-mail, Social Networking and e Governance Services

Chapter-8        Digital Financial Tools and Applications

Chapter-9        Overview of Future skills & Cyber Security

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